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Gipsy Moth IV has been visited by more people than any other sailing yacht in history.

Her visitors have come from all walks of life and have included royalty, heads of state and under-privileged children. Already in 1977, more than a million visitors had seen her at the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London.

Two guest books are being created to record and share the Gipsy Moth IV experience. The first “Gipsy Moth Crew List” is for those who have sailed on her and the second “Gipsy Moth Visitor” for those who have either been on board her (not sailing) or who have come to visit her or see her somewhere.

We are very interested to read your experience and invite you to send us some comments in the online Guest Books which will start to published here soon.

For all those who have left a comment, we will respond to you and provide you the option to be added to the Gipsy Moth newsletter.

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