Gipsy Moth IV



Gipsy Moth IV, is a yacht with full keel. It was difficult to manoeuvre into the modern marinas. Her design in 1966 did not consider tight, crowded moorings as she was designed to race around the world with only one planned stop.

Built from Honduras mahogany, it was not possible to install into Gipsy Moth a vertical, retractable bow thruster and a horizontally mounted bow thruster would have ruined her lines requiring a gaping hole in her bow section.

The solution has been to install a powerful electric jet-thruster, developed in the Netherlands which uses water jets in the bow. Using the power of the water, Gipsy Moth IV can now be solo-docked effortlessly and safely despite her full keel, tiller aft and 54ft length.

SOLO DOCKER can be retrofitted quickly and easily to virtually any boat and is particularly functional for the wooden classic yacht.

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