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This London dry gin has a pure and refreshing taste. The Juniper, coriander and citrus peel and other secret combination of herbs, impart a surprisingly balanced, but strong and complex taste, worthy of any explorer and adventurer.

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Patron’s Limited Edition  

This Patron’s edition has been created especially for those who wish to support the preservation of our sailing heritage and contribute towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Gipsy Moth IV and Sir Francis Chichester legacy.

 The Collectors Set includes: 

1 of the first 500 hand-numbered bottles to be produced

2 Bottles Gipsy Gin

1 Limited edition wooden gin casket

Patron Certificate with original issued Gipsy Moth IV stamp


furthermore, patrons may elect to have; 

Special event invitations

Event Priority status

Patron listing on website

GMIV newsletter

Price:  on request


What makes Gipsy Gin unique? This London Dry Gin has strong juniper flavors, which is the berry used for its trademark taste. It’s a very natural presentation of gin and has no artificial flavors, colouring or sweetners.

This  juniper-led spirit is usually served with tonic water and ice, often garnished with lemon or lime slices, or other aromatic herbs, fruits or vegetables. It also works well in cocktails, such as negronis, brambles and the white lady and with a lemon twist really brings out the citrus elements of a Martini.

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