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A new logo has been chosen for Gipsy Moth IV. This replaces the older logo which was created by Yachting Monthly and UKSA.

GMIV enlisted the help of Bas van der Heide, who established his Studiobas in 1986. Bas is a keen sailor and water enthusiast and has been the originator of the modern-day brand visualizations that are used in all major yacht racing competitions.

One of Bas’ most notable designs was the full design concept of ABN AMRO 1 & 2 which sailed in the Volvo Ocean races. Others include; Brunel, Hilfiger, KLM, Alvir and the list goes on.

Bas brings GMIV into the 21st century and beyond, without losing any heritage – in fact he draws on it – the angle of the sails in the logo are those taken from the well known image of Gipsy Moth IV placed in British passport. The simple colours are a salute to the understated manner of Sir Francis Chichester and the elegant lines of Gipsy Moth IV.

The name on Gipsy Moth IV itself has also been recently changed during the restoration at the Elephant Boat yard. It has been recreated to be the exact font and style that was originally on the yacht in 1966 as over the years the name had been changed each time she was painted.

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