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(from the website of the Golden Globe race)

In August 1966, British yachtsman Francis Chichester set out from England to sail solo around the world to Australia and back via the five Great Capes in the 16m Gipsy Moth IV in a bid to beat the Clipper ship records.

He completed the circumnavigation in 226 days (274 days including the stopover in Sydney) to set a record for the fastest voyage around the world in a small boat.

A diverse adventurer and excellent navigator, Chichester attracted huge interest thanks to the exclusive coverage provided by The Sunday Times newspaper. Returning triumphant on 28th May 1967, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and became not only a British hero but an inspiration to many more who would follow in his wake.

There was now just one last challenge left to man: To sail solo non-stop around the globe, and a number of sailors began to plan.

In March 1968, the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was announced – the first-ever attempt to sail solo non-stop around the world.

Golden Globe Race – The Race

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